First Aid and OSHA Forms

In our Safety & Health Company Policy, you will find our First Aid Policy. Below is OSHA Form 300 and 301 as well as OSHA's First Aid Program. Remember, any work related death or injury that requires hospitalization MUST be reported to OSHA within 8 hours. You can reach OSHA at 1-800-321-OSHA.

We have also included BRC First Aid Checklist and First Aid Report Form. Make certain that a Project Manager always has a First Aid Kit at the job-site. For training on Emergency, Fire or First Aid, scroll down to Toll Box Talks.


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Additional OSHA Materials

Here you will find additional OSHA materials to help you create a safe workplace. More OSHA publications can be found by visiting

Broad River Construction takes safety seriously. As a BRC sub-contractor, you are required to follow our Safety and Health Company Policy, our Safety Agreement, and all OSHA Federal Regulations. It is the sub-contractor's responsibility to train his/her workers in our Company Policy. It is also the sub-contractor's responsibility to preform regular Safety Inspections and provide weekly Safety Training.

This section provides our sub-contractors with all of the necessary tools to help achieve a safe workplace while being in compliance with OSHA. We want to help you create a safe work environment at all BRC job-sites and by following the plan of action laid out below, you can make that happen!

Inspections & Weekly Training

For the safety of all workers on BRC jobsites, we expect our sub-contractors to make daily Safety Inspections and to provide weekly Safety Training. Below you will find OSHA's Safety & Health Management Systems checklist to help create a safe workplace. You will also find OSHA's "It's the Law" poster which must be displayed in an area where your workers can read it.

To help our sub-contractors maintain a safe work environment, we have also provided you with a BRC Safety Inspection Checklist and BRC Training Attendance Forms. Be sure to keep copies of your weekly inspections and training.

Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of death in construction accidents. At BRC, we take Fall Prevention very seriously. It is a Federal Regulation that any sub-contractor with workers preforming duties above 6 feet MUST have a Fall Prevention Plan. All workers MUST be trained in this plan before work begins. A copy of the plan MUST be kept at the job-site. BRC also requires a copy to be kept at our main office.

In our Safety & Health Company Policy, we have provided you with two different Fall Prevention Plans as well as a training attendance sheet. Below, we have provided you with numerous OSHA Fall Prevention materials. And lastly, we have an entire training section on Fall Prevention under the Tool Box Talks.

It is the responsibility of the sub-contractor to create a Fall Prevention Plan, to train his/her workers in the plan and to provide the appropriate personal protective equipment. For more information on PPE's, scroll down to Tool Box Talks or Additional OSHA Materials.

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Tool Box Talks

OSHA requires that all construction workers are trained weekly. It is the responsibility of sub-contractors to provide weekly training to his/her workers on BRC job-sites. Training requires 10 to 15 minutes per week to go over safety issues and concerns. Make certain that all of the attendees sign the attendance sheet and keep that sheet on file. Below, we have provided training materials to help you.