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 Here is a check list of everything we need before you begin a Broad River Construction Project:

1.Certificate of Liability Insurance with General Liability and Workers Compensation listing BRC as Certificate Holder and  additionally insured.


3. Sub-contractor Terms and Conditions Contract signed and sent to us

4. BRC Safety & Health Company Policy form signed and sent to us

5. BRC Sub-Contractor Safety Agreement form signed and sent to us

6.Fall Prevention Plan and training for all sub-contractors performing work above 6 feet.

7.Email your forms to robrich@broadriver-construction.com .   

Now you are ready to begin working at your assigned BRC project site!

Broad River Construction is a leader in Safety: we expect all OSHA regulations to be followed. Please read through our Safety Agreement and Terms and Conditions and email or fax us a signed copy. 

If you would like a copy of Code of Federal Regulations or Construction Industry Digest by OSHA, please download on our site or go to www.osha.gov.

We have also included a Hazard Prevention Reporting sheet to help you keep your workers and jobsites safe.

While on-site, your company and employees are a representative of Broad River Construction. As a Broad River Construction sub-contractor, we expect you to follow our company policy.
Please download our company policy and carefully read through each section. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Sign the last page and fax or email it back to us.

Before beginning a Broad River Construction Project, we require all sub-contractors to provide us with a W-9 and Certificate of Liability Insurance. Your Certificate of Liability Insurance must include General Liability as well as Workers Compensation. Even if you are a sole proprietor, you must have Workers Compensation. The Certificate must list Broad River Construction as the Certificate Holder as well as  additionally insured.

Once we receive your W-9 and Certificate of Liability Insurance, we will send you a Sub-Contractor Agreement Contract for your assigned project.

Email your forms to robrich@broadriver-construction.com .

If your company will be performing work above 6 feet, OSHA requires a Fall Prevention Plan. They also require all workers to be trained in the Fall Prevention Plan before beginning work. We require a copy of your Fall Prevention Plan as well as the training attendance sheet.  Please remember that we will require a Fall Prevention Plan along with training for each new Broad River Construction job site.